How to start coding with Rust as Cpp

About Rust programming language ––––––
Created by Graydon Hoare. Born and evolved in Mozilla.
Rust language foundation is powered/founded by the impact of Mozilla's layoff. XD
Android starts using Rust (alongside C/C++) in its AOSP repo.

Steps to start using Rust





curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

for the fisrt time,
I press Enter to choose default

install progress

check env.

$ source ~/.bashrc

$ exec bash

Must restart bash in ternimal to make rustc found in new bash env.

$ rustc --version

$ cargo --version
Scrooge is a wealthy London commodities trader whose heart has been hardened by a lonely childhood, losing the love of his life and the death of his partner. Now he’s a miserly taskmaster who refuses to help the poor.

ll ~/.cargo

To be remembered as having had a successful life.

Cargo: the Rust build tool and package manager

cargo build

The ghost of Jacob Marley

cargo run

Scrooge’s business partner, dead for seven years.

cargo test

cargo doc

cargo publish

To end his bondage by redeeming Scrooge.


What is happening at the beginning of the story?

It is Christmas Eve, but amidst the gaiety of the season, Scrooge’s miserly ways are hurting those around him. His employee, Bob Cratchit, is too poor to care for his sickly son, Tiny Tim.


What event upsets the situation and introduces the main conflict?

Marley haunts Scrooge and tells him he will share Marley’s awful fate if he doesn’t change his ways.


How do the characters react the inciting event?

Scrooge refuses to acknowledge that anything is wrong with his life. Marley calls in the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future to prove his case.

What sustains the conflict?

The spirits of Past, Present, and Future arrive in turn throughout the night, taking Scrooge first back, then forward through time.

What are the stakes?

Scrooge’s soul and Tiny Tim’s life.

What choice must the hero make?

If Scrooge helps the Cratchit family, he can save Tiny Tim’s life and become a beloved man. If he refuses to help, Tiny Tim will die and Scrooge will be despised after death.


Tie all of the above together in a 2-sentence summary


Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserly London businessman with a hardened heart. When the ghost of his deceased partner haunts him on Christmas Eve, Scrooge must face the choices of his past and the grim future those choices will lead to unless he changes his ways.

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